The first step in marketing a healthcare service or product, is, of course, mapping out a strategy. We meet with each client to delve into the niche, the market and the immediate and long-term goals. Then we create a detailed marketing strategy which includes online and offline marketing, platforms, content strategy and process. We work with your budget to get the maximum exposure for your business in the most cost-effective way.

Next, we lead you through the process of implementation, taking advantage of in-house talent as well as determining what should be outsourced and to whom. We offer supervision of implementation on a long-term basis, ensuring that goals are not forgotten and that strategy doesn’t veer off course.

Our goal is to increase your healthcare business, and we do that by ensuring that your online strategy is carefully aligned with your business goals.


Is your website stuck in the previous century? Are you a new business without an online presence?

Our team of web developers and graphic designers create sleek and contemporary websites which will wow customers, investors and users. We integrate our websites with your healthcare databases and technical solutions, so your backend and frontend work together seamlessly.

Our websites include sophisticated contact forms, application pages, newsletter integration, sliders, widgets and more, so your site can do everything you dreamed it would. We pay special attention to integration of your website with your backend systems.

Our mission is to make the website building process as painless as possible, so we take the burden off your shoulders. We work with you to outline the design and technical capabilities of the site, and then we do all the hard work. All you have to do is review the website and give it your stamp of approval.


Today’s marketing strategies include ongoing graphic design projects, to create beautiful websites, social media posts and blog illustrations. Our trained designers are experienced and creative, and produce graphics in many styles, from classic to comic and wacky. The fast-paced world of digital marketing requires that design be completed quickly and without too many drafts, and our designers specialize in fast and accurate work.

We have found that although many healthcare businesses have in-house graphic designers, they are often busy with multiple projects and not available to produce graphics for online marketing. We provide graphic services to businesses in collaboration with in-house designers, so that nothing falls between the cracks.

Additionally, we’ve noticed that healthcare businesses all tend to use the same ubiquitous stock images and clip art. We make it a point to create new and interesting graphics which make your company stand out online.


Despite all the platforms out there for marketing, email is still king in most marketing strategies. Healthcare customers are often traditional users, who may open their email more often than they check their social media. A strong strategy provides dedicated customers who have asked to be updated regularly via email with interesting and relevant content.

Our services include email marketing strategy, content and graphics for newsletters, technical assistance in creating and sending emails and tracking of open and click rates. Our top-notch content writers and graphic designers ensure that your emails are noticed and enjoyed.

We’ve developed a methodology for measuring the efficiency of our email marketing campaigns and improving them accordingly. Your email marketing will keep getting better and better, reaching more people and making a greater impact.


The backbone of any marketing strategy is the content which is produced on a regular basis and sent out via email, social media, blog posts and brochures. Our content writers are well-versed in the healthcare industry and are experienced in the relevant terminology. They vary their tone according to the target market, so that the same information can be conveyed to different groups of people in entirely different words.

The high standards of the healthcare industry demand that content be well-researched, accurate and up-to-date. We guarantee that our content is all of these things and more – it’s interesting, entertaining, easy to read and influential. You can easily become a thought leader in the industry, with other companies looking to you for resources and trustworthy data.


In an age when most of us spend more time on social media than engaging in any other activity, it’s imperative to reach potential customers on the platforms they are already on. A social media strategy begins with determining which platforms have the greatest audience for a particular product or service. It continues with mapping out the messages and content which will be shared on social media. Finally, the strategy is implemented with text, graphics, photos and videos.

Our social media experts speak the language of healthcare, ensuring that your message will be conveyed in the right way to the right people. We provide you with content which is engaging and elicits reactions and interest. Customers move down the sales funnel from your social media page to your website and deepen their interaction with your business and its offerings, so that your social media presence fosters community and increases sales.